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6 Maggio 2024

Seminar: “La colonialità dell’asilo dopo la crisi ucraina”

On June 12 th 2023, the UNIOR research team will hold a seminar on the topic of abolitionism and the
coloniality of asylum law in the aftermath of the so-called “Ukrainian crisis”. Together with the guest speaker dr. Fiorenza Picozza (University of Houston), prof. Miguel Mellino, Francesco Marchi, dr. Andrea Ruben Pomella and dr. Francesca Rondine, discussed the topic of asylum law and its “coloniality” from both an anthropological and a legal perspective, trying to find a new frame to re-imagine and re-think migration and asylum law in Europe and beyond.

Venue: Palazzo Giusso, Aula 3.5 (12:00)