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About the project

Mobilities, solidarities and imaginaries across the borders: the mountain, the sea, the urban and the rural as spaces of transit and encounters

Focusing on the Italian context, the project considers the porosity of the national territory, deeply interconnected at a transnational level, in which migrants on the move with different legal status and social positioning give shape to forms of temporary dwelling and mobility, despite the multiplication of borders and boundaries along lines of colour, race, citizenship, gender and class. In the Italian spaces of transit, profoundly transformed by the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, migrants’ mobilities are shaped by mechanisms of containment and multiple filtering, processes of production and reproduction of labour that go often beyond national borders and by the strive for autonomy, fuelled by social representations, imaginaries on the future and narratives of the past which steer choices and biographies. A crucial role in this articulation of mobilities is played by the heterogeneous set of practices of solidarity towards and with migrants: in the urban fabric of the city; around the hotspots, camps and other border apparatuses; in the Mediterranean search and rescue area; within digital platforms and networks; across the alpine passages to northern Europe; in the stratified labour markets in which migrant workforce is employed, as in the agriculture, logistics, delivery and services sector. Therefore, the project aims to investigate the social production of porosity and of new imaginaries along four different spaces of transit – the mountain, the sea, the urban and the rural area – looking at the encounters between migrants on the move and solidarity networks and actions.


2 Febbraio 2024

Law and Anthropology Clinic on Migrations

UniOR has run the second edition of the Law and Anthropology Clinic on Migration, which was held in the months of November and December 2023.
29 Settembre 2023

Tanimar movie will premiere on September 30, in Messina

First screening of Tanimar. Crocevia Mediterraneo”, a documentary film by Anto Milotta (UniGE): The event will be followed by a debate and readings from the book of Moncef Ghachem, The Leap of the Mullet (Mesogea, 2013).
27 Settembre 2023

Mediterranean crossroad. A series of debates across the Mediterranean Sea, from Messina to Sfax

From Messina, to Sfax: a series of public debates on the most relevant transforamtions involving the Mediterranean Space. Such as, migration, tourism, and fisheries.
16 Giugno 2023

15 giugno 2023. Talk: “Odissee mediterranee. Traversate, migrazioni e vite possibili”. Andersen Festival (Sestri Levante)

Talk “Odissee mediterranee. Traversate, migrazioni e vite possibili”, al Festivalò Andersen di Sestri Levante, il 15.05 alle 19:30. Con Enrico Fravega, Luca Queirolo Palmas ed Elisa Brivio.


27 Settembre 2023

An ethnographic nautical travel across Tunisia. A new mission with Tanimar

A joint research unit, from the Universities of Genoa and Parma, will carry out an ethnographic journey along the Tunisian coast, with the aim of studying the transformations of the Mediterranean economy, with particular attention to the fishing and tourism sectors, from 30 september to the second half of October.
24 Settembre 2023

Guglielmo Agolino (UniPR) about the so called “Cutro decree”

Italian national newspaper Repubblica, publishes an interview to Guglielmo Agolino, University of Parma researcher of the MOBS research project.
16 Giugno 2023

New book! “Crocevia Mediterraneo” a cura di Jacopo Anderlini ed Enrico Fravega

New book release from the MOBS research group: “Crocevia Mediterraneo”, published by Eleuthera and edited by Jacopo Anderlini, and Enrico Fravega is a collective logbook related to an ethnographic navigation through the migration routes of the central Mediterranean sea, making stopovers in the main hubs of European border control: Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Linosa, Malta.
12 Aprile 2023

Lancio delle cliniche socio-Legali: “migrazioni e frontiere”

Partono il 21 marzo all’Università di Parma le cliniche giuridico-sociologiche “Migrazioni e frontiere”, promosse dall’Ateneo con l’Università di Napoli “L’Orientale” e la collaborazione di Ciac onlus, Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Susa, Diaconia Valdese, Mediterranea, Medici Senza Frontiere e Migrantour Parma. Le cliniche prevedono una prima fase di formazione propedeutica, con incontri ed esperienze […]