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6 Maggio 2024

The new governance of migration. Conference @UniOR. On May 21 and 22

On the 21st and 22nd of May, the University of Naples L’Orientale will host a two days
international trans-disciplinary conference on the topic of migration, mobility and solidarity.
The aim of the conference is to examine the current changes in migration law and management.
The event will bring together academics, researchers, legal practitioners, associations and civil
society actors involved in the field.
The conference is structured around four panel sessions:

  1. The first one will be devoted to the maritime borders between criminalization and
  2. The second will focus on the legal regime of the borders between norm and exception
  3. The third will be devoted to the urban space and the city between tourism and migration
    management: a new racial division of the urban space?
  4. Finally, the fourth will focus on the city of Naples.
    The scientific committee is composed by Adele Del Guercio, Miguel Mellino, Andrea Ruben
    Pomella and Francesca Rondine

To download the program: click here