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6 Maggio 2024

Tanimar movie will premiere on September 30, in Messina

Within the framework of Crocevia Mediterraneo meetings, the documentary film “Tanimar. Crocevia Mediterraneo” will be screened publicly for the first time in Messina, in a preliminary version, at Libreria Colapesce, on September 30, at 9 p.m.

After the screening the director, Anto Milotta (UniGE), together with Enrico Fravega (UniGE) and Luca Giliberti (UniPR), and Caterina Pastura (Mesogea publishing house) will animate a public debate.

The event will be followed by readings from Moncef Ghachem book, “The Leap of the Mullet. Stories of fish, boats and sailors from Mahdia” (Mesogea 2013).